Are Braces Right for My Child?
By AT Dental, PC
August 24, 2015
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BracesDiscover the many ways orthodontics can improve your child’s oral health.

Is your child dealing with crookedness, overcrowding or spaces between teeth? These common issues can affect your child’s self-confidence in their appearance. If you are ready to boost their self-esteem and oral health then you may be ready to talk to Dr. Tu Nguyen about braces. Find out what issues may warrant braces and what your child can expect from orthodontic treatment.

What dental problems can benefit from braces?

Most people aren’t born with the perfect smiles. In fact about 90 percent of children will experience overcrowding. While milder cases may not require treatment, those with severe crowding will want to talk to their Lawrenceville dentist Dr. Nguyen about braces. Serious overcrowding can have a negative impact on your child’s smile, increasing their chances of decay and gum disease since it’s harder to thoroughly brush those areas.

As permanent teeth come in some children may develop problematic bites. Open bites (a gap in the front of the teeth that happens when the child bites down) and overbites (where the front teeth overlap the bottom teeth) can easily be corrected by realigning the jaw with braces. Underbites and crossbites are less common but also can be treated with orthodontics.

What braces are right for my child?

Your Lawrenceville dentist Dr. Nguyen offers different types of braces to fit different ages, lifestyles, and financial situations:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Clear ceramic braces
  • Invisalign (designed for teens and adults, only)

The only way to determine which braces are right for your child is to have them come in for an exam. By studying their dental issues, we can design a treatment plan that will get their smile back on track.

To find out more about orthodontics for your child, schedule a consultation with your Lawrenceville dentist. Let AT Dental give your child a smile they can feel confident in.


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