Are You Keeping Good Oral Hygiene Habits?
By AT Dental, PC
May 04, 2017
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Could your oral hygiene habits stand some improvement? Good oral hygiene is a must if you want to avoid painful cavities. Lawrenceville, GA, dentist, Dr. Tu Nguyen of AT Dental, shares a few hygiene tips that will help you keep your smile healthy.

Brush twice, floss once

Brushing morning and night and flossing once every day will reduce plaque, a sticky biofilm that causes tooth decay. Skipping a brushing or flossing session causes plaque to build up, increasing your chances of a cavity. Brushing with fluoridated toothpaste helps strengthen your teeth by remineralizing weak areas of tooth enamel.

Make brushing a family activity

Young children love to do everything their older siblings and parents do. When you brush right alongside your kids, you'll not only emphasize the importance of brushing but can also ensure that they are brushing correctly.

Follow up with mouthwash

After you brush and floss, use a little mouthwash. Mouthwashes that contain fluoride and anti-microbials freshen your breath, strengthen your enamel and kill bacteria in your mouth.

Don't take shortcuts

Quickly running a toothbrush over your teeth may improve your breath, but it won't necessarily get rid of every speck of plaque. Every time you brush, spend at least two minutes on the job.

Buy the best floss for your teeth

Choose floss based on your teeth. If you have tight spaces between your teeth, string-like floss is best. Tape styles of floss are a good choice if your teeth aren't so close together.

Floss correctly

Improper flossing technique can damage your gums. Move the floss gently in an up-and-down motion between teeth. Before you move on to the next two teeth, form a "U" shape with the floss and clean the area where the bottoms of your teeth meet your gums.

Visit the dentist

Visit our Lawrenceville office every six months for an examination and cleaning. Even if you're committed to good oral hygiene, you may still miss a few spots of plaque when you brush and floss. Cleanings remove plaque and tartar, a substance that can cause gum disease. When you visit twice a year, we'll also be able to detect and treat tooth decay promptly, before it can cause too much damage to your smile.

Keep your smile strong with good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. Call Lawrenceville, GA, dentist, Dr. Nguyen of AT Dental, at (770) 277-0774 to schedule your visit.


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