Do I Need a Tooth Extracted?
By AT Dental, PC
December 19, 2017
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Some dental patients believe that tooth extraction is the only way to deal with a problem tooth. But extraction is not necessary in every tooth extractioncase. Dr. Tu Nguyen at AT Dental P.C. in Lawrenceville, GA is committed to giving you a healthy and beautiful smile, whether that means extracting or restoring a tooth. Explore the specific cases where you may actually need to have a tooth extracted and replaced.

Tooth Extraction
The process of manually removing a tooth is called dental extraction. It is a surgical procedure that is most safely done by your dentist. Some people try to pull loose teeth out at home, but it’s better left in the hands of a professional. Tooth extraction requires a relatively quick appointment with your Lawrenceville dentist and the procedure is done while you’re sedated.

When Is It Needed?
It dental extraction is usually only needed when there is major decay present and the tooth is already coming out of the socket. In this case, taking the tooth out prevents the infection from spreading to other areas of the mouth. Tooth extraction is also common in patients who have problems with advanced periodontitis that is past the point of treatment. Patients who have impacted wisdom teeth are also common candidates for tooth extraction. Some children have problems with baby teeth that need to be extracted to make room for permanent teeth or orthodontic treatment.

The Extraction Procedure
The ease of an extraction depends on the number of canals in the tooth. For instance, molars and wisdom teeth have multiple canals that make them more difficult to remove compared to teeth located at the front of the mouth. An X-ray will be taken to closely check the position of the tooth and bone tissue so that it can be removed properly. After the tooth is taken out, your dentist will sterilize the socket to ensure a healthy healing process and add a few stitches if necessary.

See Your Dentist
If you think you may have a tooth that may need to be extracted, or you want to require about treatments that could save your tooth contact AT Dental, P.C. in Lawrenceville, GA. Call 770-277-0774 today for a dental consultation with Dr. Tu Nguyen.


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