Tips For Keeping Your Child's Teeth Healthy While They're Eating Their Halloween Candy!
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  • Tips For Keeping Your Child's Teeth Healthy While They're Eating Their Halloween Candy!
The leaves are beginning to change, pumpkin-spiced coffees are all the rage again and you may have even noticed some spooky decorations and orange-colored lights bedazzling your street. It’s almost time to see children dressed up in fun and silly costumes begging halloween trick or treatfor “tricks or treats”. With Halloween fast approaching you may have put more thought into what costume your child is going to wear then how to protect his or her smile from all the candy. However, Halloween can also be a scary time for your child’s teeth. Your Lawrenceville dentist offers up some tips on how you can protect your child from cavities while also allowing them to fully enjoy this exciting holiday.
- Keep your child away from stickier candies like gummy bears and taffy. These candies easily cling to teeth, including those hard-to-reach places, exposing teeth to that nasty sugar for longer periods of time. Plus it can be harder for kids to fully brush away all the sticky sugar unless they happen to do a very thorough job of brushing.
- Limit sour candies because they have a high acidity, which breaks down the tooth’s enamel. However, if your child does reach for those sour patch kids, have him rinse his mouth out with water and wait about a half hour before brushing his teeth (to keep from pushing the acid all around).
- Opt for candies that can be easily and quickly eaten (e.g. M&Ms) rather than candies that take longer to devour (e.g. lollipops). Limiting sugar exposure is key to keeping a healthy mouth.
- Have your child fill up on a healthy, balanced meal before trick-or-treating. This may make your child less likely to indulge in too much candy.
- This might be a less popular option, but consider handing out non-candy treats to kids. This could be a small toy, blowing bubbles or even a coloring book.
Halloween can still be fun while also being smile-friendly. Instill good dental habits in your child and you shouldn’t have to worry that Halloween will cause problems for your child’s smile.
Also, make sure your child is up-to-date on his or her routine checkup. If it’s time for the biannual cleaning, we would be happy to schedule your child’s next appointment. Let your child show off his awesome costume and amazing smile this Halloween.


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