The Benefits of Dental Crowns
By AT Dental, PC
March 13, 2019
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When tooth enamel becomes damaged or breaks down over time, it needs to be reinforced with a dental crown. Learn more about the Crownsbenefits and uses of dental crowns when you visit AT Dental, in Lawrenceville, GA.

About Dental Crowns
The teeth can lose their strength, resilience, and normal color after years of eating acidic or deeply pigmented foods, injury, or bruxism. A crown is a restorative dental device that provides all-around coverage for a damaged or discolored tooth. Dental technicians create modern dental crowns using porcelain because of how similar this material is to natural tooth enamel in color, function, and resilience.

Benefits of Dental Crowns
The American Academy of Implant Dentistry conservatively estimates that at least 15 million Americans have crown or bridge restorations. Consider these benefits of getting a dental crown before your next checkup visit with Dr. Tu Nguyen at AT Dental, in Lawrenceville, GA:

  • Covering a tooth with a crown repairs cracks, chips, and holes that could make it vulnerable to decay.
  • A crown restores the natural shape of a tooth.
  • Crowns make it easier to bite and chew your food.
  • The material used for a standard crown (porcelain) doesn’t stain as easily as tooth enamel.

Step-by-Step Dental Crown Installation
If you’re wondering what you can expect when you have a dental crown installed, there’s no need to worry. The procedure is pain-free and relatively easy. These are the steps:

  • An initial consultation (X-rays and decision on whether the tooth is strong enough to support a crown).
  • Enamel is removed and an impression is taken of the tooth to have a crown made. Sometimes this happens at the initial appointment.
  • At an appointment, a few weeks later, the newly formed crown is applied to the tooth with dental cement. It will remain bonded for years.

Can a Dental Crown Benefit Your Smile?
At your next dental visit, your dentist may recommend that you get a crown to fix your dental problem and restore your smile. Call (770) 277-0774 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nguyen at AT Dental, in Lawrenceville, GA!


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