Which Orthodontics Type Is Right for You?
By AT Dental, PC
January 14, 2019
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Dental BracesOrthodontic care is an important facet of dentistry—especially when it comes to having a beautiful, straight smile. However, in addition to improving the appearance of your teeth, orthodontics can also improve the functionality of your smile to ensure that your mouth is in top condition. Learn more about orthodontic care by reading below, and contact Dr. Tu Nguyen at AT Dental in Lawrenceville, GA, if you are interested in personal treatment!


What is orthodontic care?
Orthodontic care is a facet of dentistry which focuses on correcting abnormalities of the teeth and jaw. The most well-known orthodontic care involves wearing braces to straighten the teeth and correct jaw problems like overbite or underbite.


Do I need braces?
Although many people believe they need braces to make their “crooked” smile straight, orthodontics focus on other issues as well. Jaw problems which cause the misalignment of the mouth’s bite can lead to complications like temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder or even digestive problems from not adequately chewing food. If you think you may need braces, your orthodontist can help find the best treatment for you.


What kind of braces are right for me?
AT Dental offers several types of braces:

  • Metal Braces use metal brackets placed on the teeth to hold metal wires which slowly move the teeth into their corrected positions.
  • Ceramic Braces use the same design as metal braces but are made from ceramic to better blend in with the natural teeth.
  • Lingual Braces: are the only truly invisible option when it comes to orthodontics. They attach behind the teeth and are not visible to those around you.
  • Clear Aligners use a different design than the other three options. This method uses a series of plastic trays worn one after another to place pressure onto the teeth and move them into their corrected positions. They are almost invisible to those around you and provide a subtler look than other orthodontic options.


Interested? Give our Lawrenceville office a call!
If you think that you could benefit from orthodontic care, you should consult with your dentist to ensure that this is the best treatment plan for you and to determine which type of braces will work best for your smile.

For more information, please contact Dr. Tu Nguyen at AT Dental in Lawrenceville, GA. Call (770) 277-0774 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Nguyen today!


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