Could Orthodontics Help Me?
By AT Dental, PC
July 24, 2018
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Orthodontics help children, teens, and adults have straighter, healthier and more attractive smiles. A specialized branch of dentistry, orthodonticsorthodontic correction can be as simple as closing a few small gaps to correcting bone structure and remodeling severe alignment issues. To find out if conventional braces or modern clear aligners (such as Invisalign) could help you, read on about orthodontics by Dr. Tu Nguyen at AT Dental in Lawrenceville, GA.

Not just for show

Of course, the aesthetic aspects of orthodontics are important. Having a beautiful smile is a tremendous personal asset, maintains the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Beyond aesthetics, however, smile makeovers correct problems which may lead to headaches, ear pain, gum disease, and tooth decay. Some of the issues Dr. Nguyen sees at his office include:

  • Overbite where the top front teeth extend too far over the bottom arch
  • Underbite where the bottom teeth jut out beyond the top teeth
  • Crossbite where the top and bottom teeth do not meet together at the midline
  • Openbite where there is a gap between top and bottom teeth
  • Overjet, or protruding front teeth
  • Tooth tipping and tooth rotation
  • Gaps (undercrowding)
  • Crowding

Qualifying for orthodontics

Whether you or a loved one (child or teen) suffer from these issues, you can trust Dr. Nguyen's expertise for compassionate and precise treatment. He offers conventional metal braces, lingual (tongue-side) braces, ceramic braces, and fully removable, discreet aligners by Invisalign.

To diagnose your specific issue, your dentist in Lawrenceville will perform a complete oral examination, and take digital X-ray imaging as needed. Then, he'll formulate a treatment plan customized to your unique needs.

Life with and after braces

The professional team at AT Dental will help you through every step of your orthodontic treatment. Both patient and dental staff work together to ensure a successful orthodontic experience. That means:

  • Careful oral hygiene practices at home (twice daily brushing and flossing)
  • Consumption of a tooth-friendly, low-carb diet with plenty of hydration
  • Routine hygienic cleanings at AT Dental
  • Progress checks and adjustments to orthodontic appliances as scheduled
  • Wearing of a post-treatment retainer to keep newly-aligned teeth well positioned

Bite, chew, and look your best

That's what orthodontics from AT Dental can deliver. Plus, you'll enjoy a lifetime of healthier smiles. Call today for your orthodontic consultation in Lawrenceville, GA, and find out more: (770) 277-0774.


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