Why Oral Cancer Screenings are Important
By AT Dental, PC
February 19, 2015
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Find out why you should be getting routine oral cancer screenings from your Lawrenceville dentist.

The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2015, approximately 39,500 people will be diagnosed with oral or oropharnygeal cancer, and around 7,500 will die from this form of cancer. With a rise in oropharnygeal cancer due to an increased rate of human papilloma virus (HPV) infection, there has never been a better time for your Lawrenceville dentist to screen for oral cancer.

Are you at risk for oral cancer?

Many people who are diagnosed with oral cancer are also tobacco users. Your risk of developing oral cancer also increases with how long you’ve been smoking and how much you use. If you smoke a pipe than the risk of developing cancer of the lips or soft palate also increases. Even living with a smoker could put you at risk.

Furthermore, many people diagnosed with oral cancer are also considered heavy drinkers (meaning they drink more than 21 beverages a week). Those who drink alcohol and also smoke are about six times more likely to develop oral cancer.

Other risk factors include poor nutrition, gender (men are more likely to develop oral cancer than women), age, sun exposure and being diagnosed with HPV. If one of these risk factors applies to you then you should be getting an oral cancer screening at lease once a year and potentially more often, as dictated by your Lawrenceville dentist.

Why should I get an oral cancer screening?

This test is the best way to detect oral cancer even if you don’t show symptoms. If you get oral cancer screenings routinely this is the best way to catch it at its earliest stage. Even if you don’t fall under any of these risk factors, you should still be getting a screening every year when you come in to see your Lawrenceville dentist for a routine cleaning. These screenings only take a couple of minutes and are completely painless.

The sooner we can detect precancerous or cancerous cells the more effective your treatment will be. Schedule a screening during your next routine visit by calling Dr. Tu Nguyen at AT Dental, PC.


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